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Carolina Horizons Program

Step Ahead Flier

http://collegefund.org/student-resources/scholarships/scholarship-programs/American Indian College Fund

Wells Fargo Scholarshiphttp://www.csascholars.org

http://www.tsalagied.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01United Tribes Scholarship Information/Total-revised-UT-Scholarship-Applications-2018.pdf

Tahquette Scholarship Information

Here is another scholarship opportunity for EBCI tribal members. Scholarship information can be found under the EBCI Students tab at www.tsalagied.com/chief-john-alfred-tahquette-scholarship.  The Deadline for the submission of the Tahquette Scholarship is June 1st.   

Application Process

The Application for EBCI funding may be filled out here. Each student is required to print off additional material to support the application. Go to “Student Forms”. Print Off the 1) W-9, 2) Signature Sheet, 3) Refund Policy, 4) Statement of Privacy. These 4 forms should be filled out and mailed to our department at: […]



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