Students Forms

This page contains a list of PDF and Word Documents that are required to be printed, signed and turned in to the Higher Education Department by current and perspective students. The EBCI Higher Education Application is available for online completion by clicking “HERE” or it can be printed, completed, signed and turned into the Education Department office before its deadline. An application packet is not considered complete until all documents are READ, FILLED OUT, SIGNED, and RETURNED to the Higher Education Department.

Education Application Packet Checklist

This PDF should be printed off and used by the student to aid in compiling all necessary information for their application packet completion. This PDF is the first page of the Application Packet.





Higher Education App Must Be Completed Online

Complete this Application by clicking on the Higher Education Application Tab and logging in to electronically submit your Application.


W-9 Form

This W-9 Taxpayer Identification Form is used by the EBCI Higher Education and Training, as well as, the EBCI Finance departments to accurately supply students with finances and allow the student to receive tax information at the end of each facial year.


Signature Sheet

The signing of this form acknowledges the receipt and understanding of the contents within the Education Guideline and Internal Policies.


Finance Taxability Memo.

The Finance Taxability Memorandum provides information regarding what funding provided by the Higher Education Department will, and will not be, taxable.


Refund Policy

This document outlines the refund policy and a students signature is required to acknowledge that they understand and will abide by its requirements.


Statement of Privacy

The signing of this form acknowledges the privacy rights of the student to their release of school information.


Process for Financial Counseling

This sheet outlines the processes for the mandatory financial counseling required by each student receiving funding from the EBCI Higher Education & Training Department


Transfer and Degree Change Policies

The Education Department’s policy regarding students seeking transfers or degree changes is meant to keep students on a educational path that is oriented to achieving a post secondary degree in an efficient manner.


Anticipated Graduation Form

Please sign and submit this Anticipated Graduation Form to Iris Long via Email at the beginning of the semester in which you will be graduating.


Student Academic Probation Policy

The academic probation policy is intended to provide academic forgiveness for one grade below a “C-“ during one semester of the students choice. The relief will only be given one time.


Book Rental Policy

The book rental policy requires that students rent their books if at all possible.


Housing Policy

The Housing Policy outlines how “Off-Campus” Housing will work as of August 1, 2014.


Student Acknowledgement Form

The Student Acknowledgement form is a helpful resource that highlights particular Education policies that needs to be continuously reviewed to keep students in good standing with the department.